All Muay Thai classes and Private Tuition sessions are taught by Alex Costa, the former 3 time Brazilian Muay Thai Champion. Serious training in a friendly atmosphere with first class gym facilities and equipment.

Muay Thai Classes

Muay Thai is often referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” because it makes use of punch, kick, elbow and knee strike techniques. Muay Thai bouts take place in a boxing ring and it is considered one of the most effective striking martial arts in the world due to the conditioning of the fighters and power of the techniques. Classes include all aspects of training including sparring (for fighters), technical workouts, bag work, pad work, conditioning, and fitness circuits. Click here for class timetable.

Private Tuition

Private one to one tuition is available for all levels and will be tailored specifically to exactly what you want to work on – from sparring to technique to fitness. If you want to prepare for competition or improve your conditioning and fitness then please contact Alex to book a session.


  • Muay Thai Classes: £TBA per session
  • Private Tuition: £30 per session


Club training facilities include a full sized boxing ring, large matted areas, punch bags, full length kick bags, uppercut bags, free standing bags, thai pads, focus pads, kick shields, boxing gloves, and skipping ropes. Other facilities include male and female changing rooms and toilets, drink / snack machines, and on-site parking.