Alex Costa is the former 3 time Brazilian Muay Thai Champion and a fully qualified fitness coach. Whether you wish to compete to the highest level or simply improve your fitness Alex can help you achieve your goal.

Fight Career

2010 – East of England champion, Thai Boxing . ECFF Norwich.

2008 – Muay Thai champion – Thai Boxing and Tattoo Promotion – Carlisle

2005 – Muay Thai champion – Storm Samurai – Curitiba Brazil

2002 – Muay Thai Champion – Muay Thai and Vale Tudo – Ibiza Club, Sao Paulo Brazil

2001 – 2nd place – Point and KO full contact Karate – Tokyo Japan

2000 – World Champion – 2nd International championship – Seiwakai combat karate – Sao Paulo Brazil

2000 – 4th Place – International championship – Toshinkai Karate – Nagoya, Japan

2000 – Three times national champion – Seiwakai Combat Karate – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Training Experience

I began training martial arts over 24 years ago in my home town of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and have since gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, training and competing all over the world.

I was under Ademir Da Costa in Brazil, (considered one of the best fighters of his time.) where I became one of his most successful pupils. I have belonged to important fight teams throughout my competitive career such as kyokushin kai kan in Japan, where I spent 6 months training and living with the world champion Tsukamoto Norichika. Chute Boxe, the home of fighters such as Wanderlie Silva, Anderson Silva,  and Shogun.  Team Moises Gibi Batista, three times Muay Thai world champion, and Macaco gold team, one of the first and most renowned Vale Tudo fighters in Brazil. In addition I have trained in Mike’s Gym in Holland, and Super Pro Samui Gym, in Thailand.

Along side my career as a fighter I have a passion for teaching, Starting when I was only 15 years old giving classes in my first Kyokushin Dojo, upon achieving my brown belt. In 2002 I obtained my  Bsc honours degree in physical education furthering my knowledge of all aspects of  health and fitness. I have since gained 19 years of experience within this industry, teaching in a range of places, from underground fighter gyms to top commercial establishments. Guiding, coaching, testing and motivating a complete spectrum of people to exercise in a conscious and healthy way, and achieve whatever they want.

I have extensive experience and knowledge of both the commercial and competitive sides of the fitness and health industry. Working with a complete range of clients including, women, children, senior citizens, professional fighters, body builders, and those recovering from substance abuse. Having trained and competed so much in my life only strengthens my professional capacity and ability to deliver my clients and students the best possible results. I believe everyone can achieve their goals, and it is a passion for me to help people on their way to doing this.

Since arriving in England 3 years ago, I have furthered all sides of my career, having had and won three fights, gained two years experience running a fighter gym, and gaining an extensive range of personal clients.


Fitness Qualifications

Bsc honours degree in Physical Education